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"Where do I start with Emily?
She is kind, caring, and the the ultimate hype-girl. 
Working with her is a dream—she’s responsive, enthusiastic, and timely. When I asked her to help with my Hades’ Saga, she created some of the most gorgeous and vibrant covers I’ve ever seen. Not only do they compliment my other series, they’re able to stand on their own. I also asked her to help with a novella series and let me tell you—I gave her a Pinterest Board and she produced MAGIC. She was able to imbue this cover with the emotion of the story—to communicate the beauty of love and loss. When I look at it, my heart is hopeful and broken all at the same time. 
That is Emily’s talent. She will bring your novel to life through design and I highly recommend collaborating with her."


-scarlett st clair

"Emily is an absolute dream to work with. Nobody has a better eye for design and layout, and she’ll do whatever it takes to collaborate and bring your vision to life. She’s incredibly patient and an excellent communicator. Her aesthetic is absolutely beautiful. Working with her has transformed our business."

-sophie lark


"Emily is not only an exceptional designer, but she’s an amazing person to work with. She wants to make a cover you absolutely love, and is extremely communicative. She’s one of the kindest and most creative designers out there and that shows in her exceptional designs and the authors she works with."

-micalea smeltzer


"I LOVE working with Emily. I can give her a vague description of what I want for my covers and she brings it to life so well. She's incredibly easy to work with, patient and great with communication. Plus, she's so supportive of us authors, which I really appreciate. She's the best!"

-monica murphy 


Not only is Emily Wittig a fantastic publishing partner when it comes to logistics—she's responsive, thoughtful, and thorough—her talent and eye for design are extraordinary.  Emily has a gift for envisioning a book as an entire package, as an event—as a moment when a reader first sees it on a shelf or online, and she's an expert at shepherding an initial concept or idea into that all important moment. Working with Emily has not only been fun, frictionless, and productive, but her designs have also opened my books up to entirely new audiences!  I cannot recommend her enough, no matter what kind of cover you're looking for!

-Sierra simone

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